Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Well done

This is the list of posts you still have to do (for after half term):

Photoshop your picture/s and post to blog: you've got this on a school computer, so you can do it in lesson.
Survey: this has to be given to ten people for them to fill in, and you must summarise the results.

After this: write a brief for your main website. It must cover who you are aiming your site at, and explain the pages you will have, and the style and content. About 150 words.
Research two pages from each of three websites that relate to the website you are going to build - annotate them and explain in a short evaluation what it is you've learned from them, what you might use, and what value they are.
Sketch all your pages to suggest your colours, layout and content (4 pages per person, 4 photographs minimum per person, audio and visual content, easy navigation).
Write a photo shotlist.

Well done for keeping up with the work. I hope JCS goes well.